Kathy Davis Scatter Joy Everyday Jewelry Collection to Arrive on Retail Floors for Mother’s Day

The Kathy Davis brand is taking retail by storm, as the Slip Resistant Clogs company’s first-ever fashion jewelry collection debuts at major department and specialty stores in mid-April, just in time for Mother’s Day gift giving.

The Kathy Davis Scatter Joy Jewelry collection, which launched at the November 2014 accessories market in New York City, includes an extensive assortment of sterling silver jewelry that reflects everything Kathy Davis is known for – watercolor art and iconography and inspiring hand-lettered messages such as “Bright, Beautiful, Bold” and “Listen To Your Heart.” Adorned with Kathy’s iconic signature butterfly, hearts and flowers, the jewelry is complemented by colorful gift packaging that features Kathy Davis “Friendship Garden” art.

Further brand exposure will come from an April tie-in with a Kathy Davis Mother’s Day end cap for American Greetings, as greeting cards featuring Kathy Davis “Friendship Garden” art appear in some 8,000 doors. “Spring of 2015 is going to be an exciting season for us,” says Sarah Van Aken, VP Marketing at Kathy Davis Studios. “The

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What You Should Know About Services This Year

Buying the Best Priced Car in Italy You want to get a car, whether used or new, on the best price possible. Buying cars often put a heavy strain on the resources of families, so you would like something affordable, yet provides excellent driving performance and comfort. If you live in Italy, it should be easy for you to find a car brand and model that fits your budget and needs. There various cars that are serviceable for the routines of the family: traveling to and from schools and offices, for going to stores. Car manufacturers in the country make all types of cars for all kinds of purposes. They produce top of the line models with plenty of convenient features for people who have the money and models for those who are on a tight. One thing that should be kept in mind when you are buying a car is the lowest priced car is not always the best priced. There are various things to take into account. There’s the safety features, warranties, designs, size, handling, payment terms and resale value to consider. Many dealers, from time to time, also offers discounts which lower the actual

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The Essential Laws of Services Explained

The Benefits Of Having A Boat Storage It is necessary for you to render care for your boat when you have one. It is a must to make sure that your boat is safe and protected. You will be able to do so if you will go with the idea of getting a boat storage. The market of today offers you the chance of getting a portable boat storage building. In case that you have the idea of going with this option, there are things that you may take into account. There are companies that provide the chance of acquiring a portable boat storage building and you may look for them as your first option available. The second option available for you is to find the kit that will help you to set your own portable boat storage building. You may then begin building your own boat storage once you have this kit with you. Money-saving can be achieved when you will adhere with the idea of having the kit and do the task on your own. With the tools present in the market, there is a chance for you to have a portable boat storage building.

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Best Photography Workshop In Bangalore

Creative people run after expressing their ideas always. There are various paths which one can follow as per the interest like writing, designing, film making and photography. These all have various further sub-divisions as well. Many people now are running after photography. Photography is an area, which demands good observation and spontaneity to capture. Creativity is in environment, as a creative person does nothing, but observes the unobserved. A good photographer also emphasizes in bringing up the ideas from the environment.

There are many people who are interested in photography. They have purchased a new SLR camera, but are confused where to learn the art of photography. Many workshops are held in country but the best photography workshop in Bangalore take a lead. These are dedicated workshops where amateurs are converted into professionals. The professionals of this domain conduct these workshops and thus their expertise is transmitted in students. These workshops are said to be the best photography workshop in Bangalore because here one learns a lot more than any other workshop in the country.

One who is looking for a good career in photography should go for such workshops because here you learn inside out of photography. That is from knowing

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Best Lens For The Nikon D5000 Here’s Some Advice.

If you own (or are about to own) a Nikon D5000, youll enjoy its award-winning performance and features. Its a great camera and it made an excellent first impression when I used it – impressive for a camera pitched at enthusiasts.

Is there a lens which best suits the D5000?

You won’t get to exploit your camera’s capabilities unless you use a proper lens. But determining how much to spend on which lens can be tricky. There is such a wide range of options on the market.

We’ll get to some lens options in a second, but first let’s talk about DX lenses.

As is the case with most DSLRs, the D5000 has a sensor smaller than the conventional 35 mm film frame – this type of sensor is called “DX”. Why does this matter?

So when you look at lenses and you see “DX” in the name, you know that the lens has been built to be used with your DX-sensor camera.

Traditional lenses (not the DX kind) are built for 35mm cameras. You can use them with a DX camera, but since they were built for a larger sensor, the outer edges of the photo will automatically be cropped away. So you won’t be

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Best Books For Beginning Digital Photography

Great Booksfor Beginning Digital Photographyby Yvonne Tan

I am going to share with you a secret that not many know about the 6 of the best books for beginner digital photographers.
1.The Ultimate How-To Photography Guide!
Written in plain English instead of techno speak this guide will help you sharpen up your talent and improve your overall results as an amateur photographer. Or, if you are considering the possibility of expanding your hobby into a money making enterprise, you will definitely find the answers to your questions in the chapter on How to start a photography business. The purpose ofthis guide is to give you an over view of photography as well as provide you with information about the different types of equipment used in amateur photography!
2.Digital Photography All-in-One Desk Reference for Dummies
This is a great guide to photography itself, with less emphasis on the geekie side of digital photography. Not for absolute beginners (you should have a basic grasp of the concepts already), but ideal for anyone who wants to learn how to take good pictures with a digital camera.
3.Mastering Digital Photography
This book does a great job of both explaining how digital cameras work (and

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Best Art Experience At Fine Art Photography Online Gallery

In case you want to check out best art paintings and photographs then visiting fine art photography online gallery can be one of the best alternatives.

Have your roamed around various galleries to check out beautiful art work? Well then you need to know that one of the best places to check this out is fine art photography online gallery. This is where you will find numerous pieces of art. This is the major difference between the galleries and museum.

Museum is the place where you will find antique pieces displayed and are not provided for sale. On the other hand fine art photography online galley is the one that showcases both performing and visual arts. There are few of the galleries that also showcase the photographs that are clicked through the photographers.

There are actually various kinds of paintings and paragraphs that are kept on display. Most of the galleries will be specializing in the particular form of visual art. Few of the galleries are specialized in the traditional form of art while on the other hand other galleries will specialize in the modern form of art. Some of these galleries will reflect ancient art and folk art. This clearly reflects that

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